Sunday, November 06, 2005

"La Economista" 24''x40'' 9-12-2005


TheWanderingArtist said...

"Economista." You might ask why this painting is titled that. This is an abstract expressionist painting. When I made this painting I thought about things such as gears, working parts within a machine, and the things that it takes to make a machine work and continue to work properly. What is the purpose of that machine? This painting kind of represents the working of a woman in love, or the economics of her emotions. The workings of her emotional machine- and that is why this is titled: "Economista."

TheWanderingArtist said...

Here are some good links to Neo-Expressionist New York artist Julian Schnabel. See Neo-Expressionism. He is also a director.


One of Julian Schnabel's most famous expressionist paintings.

The Patients and the Doctors, 1978
oil, plates and bondo on wood 8x9 ft.


About the director:

TheWanderingArtist said...

Just copy and paste these links into your browser and it should take you directly to the image of the painting.

TheWanderingArtist said...

Here is a link to an image search on Francesco Clemente. He is a great expressionist artist. I will try to get more links to direct images of paintings from him.

Anonymous said...

This painting may capture the very essence of an economist. Nominal though it may seem, it shows unique understanding that these individuals may have of life. Not as bold as some of his other works, this piece is a complete understand of what may not be a complete understanding at all.