Monday, July 05, 2004

Welcome, Bienvenidos, Wilkommen

Anyone who visits this site should feel free to leave a comment, weather Anonymous or not. I enjoy feedback. Thanks, adam

This is a detail of a painting that is shown below, but it actuall looks better here. The Star Gazer. This painting was done with mixed media including wax/encaustic paint, glue, and acrylic paint.  Posted by Hello

This painting is titled "NO TIME FOR NOBODY." It was done on a large lose piece of canvas and this is a detail photo. The guy in the center is Icarus, and this painting carries many meanings.  Posted by Hello

This is supposed to be another Galaxy type painting.  Posted by Hello

This is an abstract painting. Someone actually stole this and another painting from my apartment. I later found out who it was but I still havent got the paintings back. A lot of people say they see some sort of wording, or representation of certain words. What do you see? Posted by Hello

This is la reflection. But I like the shapes.  Posted by Hello

This is one of my first paintings since moving back from D.C. to Milledgeville. It is supposed to be some sort of cosmic galaxy.  Posted by Hello

This is a painting I gave away. I didnt think it was too cool, but the girl really liked it oddly enough.  Posted by Hello

This is a detail shot from a bigger painting.  Posted by Hello

Airport Man Posted by Hello