Tuesday, September 14, 2004

The name of this painting is "Aztecan Acension." It is one of my better large scale abstract compositional paintings. It also has great texture. This painting was just accepted to be in the Georgia National Fairs fine arts exhibit. In the category of mixed media it should stick out. 3'x2'  Posted by Hello

A new type of style that I have begun painting yielded this piece I currently call "Transient." There are many meanings in this painting as well as a uniqueness that make it one of my personal favorites lately. 4'x1' Posted by Hello

Detail from the bottom of "Transient." Posted by Hello

Detail from the Top of "Transient." Posted by Hello

Slow Growth (or "No Mas"). This painting is done with many panels. I havent come to a conclusion with this painting yet. Many meanings.  Posted by Hello