Monday, December 13, 2004

"No Mas" 2 1/4' x 3' 12-5-04 This is a commission for a friend done from a smaller tile on another painting that they really liked. Click to enlarge.  Posted by Hello

"The Prince's People" Click to enlarge. 1'x1' 9-14-04 The following is a grouping of 5 paintings that are 1 foot by 1 foot. Some of them follow the same theme.  Posted by Hello

"Today-Floating in Space" 1'x1' Click to enlarge. Nov-13-04 Posted by Hello

"Boundaries of Destitution" Click to enlarge. 1'x1' Nov-3-04  Posted by Hello

"The T-Word" 1'x1' Nov-18-04 Posted by Hello

"The Corruption of Placehereo" 1'x1' Nov-15-04 Posted by Hello

"Placehereo's Revenge" 1'x1' Nov-18-04 Posted by Hello