Wednesday, July 21, 2004

"Harelquin Day Dream" 2x5 ft. 7-18-04 This painting is remarkable. It lights up the whole room and as you look into it it makes your eyes dance. Try to follow the lines.  Posted by Hello

Detail from the "Harelquins Day Dream" Posted by Hello

"Arch ways anyways" 1x3 ft. 7-15-04 I may change something about the colors on this one.  Posted by Hello

Tentatively named "Frog Blocks." 2.5x3 ft. 7-10-04  Posted by Hello

"Fire Side of Me" This is one of a series of 8x10's that I am doing.  Posted by Hello

Anxiety City 2 Posted by Hello

"Mystic Mexicalli Sun"  Posted by Hello

"Atlanta Night Sky" This is a new one like the others but it has a lot of texture, it glistens, and gives depth to the painting.  Posted by Hello