Wednesday, July 21, 2004

"Fire Side of Me" This is one of a series of 8x10's that I am doing.  Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

This is the best piece you have here.
Frantic... disturbingly pure.
This is the one piece I can look at and forgive your being a politician.
Actually, maybe it's simply that it reminds me of my own work in certain ways. All bloody and sexual... but subtley so. That's the trick.

Hey check it out:

Anonymous said...

To me, this picture brings up a sort-of primative outlook that reminds me of a cave painting. Also, i like the use of the darker backdrop with the vibrant orange as a highlight to its depth. Thank you for allowing me to purchase this insightful picture from you. (Micky)

fujiscotch said...

The yellow lines really make this painting, not over exaggerated like some of your other works, they come out in a more subtle kind of way.