Monday, July 05, 2004

Welcome, Bienvenidos, Wilkommen

Anyone who visits this site should feel free to leave a comment, weather Anonymous or not. I enjoy feedback. Thanks, adam

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Sonya said...

Danke Schoen Adam! Thank you for inviting me to your creative world. Your paintings are absolutely wonderful...I fell on something so moving.

I hope that you continue to paint even with broken arms. Perhaps, it is time to give your toes a try!

Keep wandering and coming forward with powerful messages in your Art. I find the images in your head mysterious and fascinating. Your "No Time for Nobody" speaks to all of us. We as a society should seriously take time to analyze what's important in life and do away with the "meaningless" pursuits which rob us of our energy.

Oh, I saw that you met Hilary Clinton. I met the former President Bill Clinton in person a few years ago. I admire you pushing your Art in the political arena...